Aek vs Math Monsters

Surf through the monsterland and practice math in the most addicting education game for kids!

Aek vs Math Monsters is an edutainment math learning game for preschoolers and schoolchildren. It started as a family project with my 6 years old son. Since I'm not so happy that he spends that much time with his tablet, I tried to motivate him to think about games more creatively. I told him - let's make our own game. One day he doodled a character and name it "AEK", later he came with the monsters. So, I had to keep my part of the promise and make a game.

I wanted this game to be educational, but also to be addictive and fun for kids to play it. Wait, that's AEK - Addictive Education for Kids! The topic of this brain training game is math for kids, or to be more precise basic arithmetic.

The plot of this cool and fun math game is quite simple: Aek finds itself surfing on a magical skateboard with a mission to survive. The only way Aek can do so is by jumping over monsters that come in the way. When a monster caught him, it is not over yet, he still got a chance of escape if he answers correct to the monster math quiz. The far Aek goes, the harder it gets. Besides monsters, Aek can run into power-ups such as flying balloons, speedup rabbits, slowdown turtles, and additional quiz questions (lives).

Monster math quiz covers the following arithmetic areas:
addition of 2 numbers, subtraction of 2 numbers, addition of 3 numbers, mixed addition and subtraction of 3 numbers, simple equations with addition and subtraction, multiplication of two numbers, division of two numbers, simple equations with multiplication and division.

Aek vs Math Monsters also features brain teaser kids board game section with Tic Tac Toe (aka Noughts & Crosses) and Four in a Row (aka Connect 4), so when your kid gets tired from math and jumping monsters it can practice logical thinking :)

Have fun while practicing math!
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Aek vs Math Monsters is available for FREE for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.