Counter Pong 3-in-1

A new twist to an old game. An ultimate mind switching arcade challenge!

Counter Pong brings the ultimate 3-in-1 retro arcade table-tennis style challenge inspired by Atari's classic masterpiece.

The game features three game modes:


The original Counter Pong mode is a unique self-play pong game. In contrary to the classic Pong, in Counter Pong you control both pads. The bottom pad is controlled directly using by pressing and moving a handlebar. The tricky part is that the top pad always moves in the opposite direction - that's why we call it a mind switching game.

Try to keep the ball in the game and avoid spikes as long as you can. Each time you return the ball you get 1 point. The tricky part is that first 30 times when the ball hits the pad it becomes a little bit faster.


The second game mode lets you try yourself against a built-in AI player. The AI player is very good so there's a special achievement if you managed to beat it!


The third and final game mode allows you to play Pong with your friends, so each one controls its own pad. Multiplayer mode is not only about winning but also about staying in the game. If you manage to score 50+ points you'll be assigned Dream Team achievement!

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