Counter Pong - Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the information collected by through the mobile application Counter Pong.

We do NOT collect your personal information.

The only thing we do collect are anonymous statistics of the usage of the app, to understand it better, its usability and to improve the app.

We are using Google Analytics for Firebase for that. They store this information securely. This is only anonymous statistic information provided to us and no one else, to see were the week points of our app are. We do not know about any other information such as: name, address, email, phone-numbers or photos.

We have one time in-app purchase to remove ads.
This is completely free version of the app with ads. If you like it you can pay one-time fee to remove ads.

We only use basic integration of social media in the app.
There is only a link to visit our Facebook page on the title screen. It is possible also to share the app screens that shows your progress.

We do have third-party advertising within the free app.
In the free version of the app we are using Google AdMob for displaying interstitial ads. If you don't want ads to be displayed pay one-time fee.

For any doubts or suggestion please contact us here:

Last edited: 2020-05-07