lightON ~ enlighten the enigma

An intriguing new brain puzzle game with a goal of enlightening enigma patterns.

The game features brand new game mechanics initially inspired by Rubik's cube.

The goal of the game is to light ON all the blocks in the board. The block is ON when it is placed in the right position in the board. When some block is OFF you should try to replace it with some other block. To do so you can swipe rows and columns. Have in mind that blocks wrap around. Each time a block wraps around you lose 1 credit, so you should try to optimize your moves.

We included 200 challenging levels to sharpen your skills to perfection. In the begging you start with small 3x3 boards with only two different blocks. As you progress through the game, levels are becoming more and more difficult aimed to test the limits of your mind.

A ranking system and achievements are also added to keep you even more challenged.

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lightON is available for FREE for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.